Our Mission

It is our mission at Peshtigo Pharmacy, to make our customers our #1 priority. We will go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Fast, friendly and accurate service is our goal. We will work as a team to make our company stronger today and in the future.

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The History of Peshtigo Pharmacy

Peshtigo Pharmacy was founded in 1970, by Bill and Jean Clement, of Peshtigo.  It started as a small pharmacy and in 1976, Bill and Jean purchased Sam's Tavern, the adjoining building, so they could expand.  In 1978, they bought the barbershop and vacant lot next door.  In 1979, they tore down the barbershop and built the building that the Peshtigo Pharmacy currently resides in.

Over the years the business has grown into what it is today.  In February 2015, Bill and Jean, ready to enjoy their retirement, sold their business to Matthew Hutera.  Matthew grew up in the small town of Hudson, WI.  He attended the University of Wisconsin, where is double majored in Finance and Business.  He joined the U.S. Air Force to aid in college education expenses.  He was highly decorated for his “service before self” attitude.  He has held positions in upper management for large retail companies, where he dealt with finance, retail operations, product development, franchising, business real estate and corporate training/consulting.  Also involved in management of a Midwest Bank, he eventually began acquiring investment real estate for himself.  Matthew currently owns five pharmacies between Wisconsin and Minnesota and has been involved with ownership and management for multiple other pharmacies.  In his downtime Matthew loves to travel, hunt and spend time with his family.

Matthew currently lives in Hudson, WI and relies on his management and staff to keep the stores running smoothly.  Kirsten Peters is the Manager of Peshtigo Pharmacy.  Kirsten has been with the Peshtigo Pharmacy for 17 years and knows all aspects of the pharmacy.  Kirsten grew up in Whitewater, WI and after high school attended UW-Whitewater  where she took business classes.  In 2002, Kirsten earned her Pharmacy Technician Certification with the state of Wisconsin and in February 2003, she received her Pharmacy Technician degree from The School of Pharmacy Technology.  Kirsten has been Vice President of the Rost Lake Association, Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce President and is currently the Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce Secretary.  In her free time Kirsten enjoys her sand volleyball league, golfing, camping, running and spending time with her husband Karl and twin boys Kollin and Kolton.  Kirsten and her family currently reside in Coleman, where her husband, Karl, is a teacher.